Street Road Traffic Signs

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Product name: Traffic sign
Application: Highway road
Material: Aluminium plate
Certificate: ISO9001/CE
Warranty: 10 Years
Type: Customized

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street road traffic signs
street road traffic signs

Traffic Signs Features

1. The whole has four parts, respectively for the reflective film marking plate, light source system, control system, power supply system. Full assurance marks long-term stable work.
2. The light source uses nanometer alloy light guide plate technology, the overall luminous part of the brightness is uniform.
3. Back light source/side light source technology, photoelectric conversion efficiency is high, low power consumption.Full penetration mark power consumption is 20W/m.
4. Based on reflective film technology, photoelectric technology, intelligent control technology, sensor technology.By marking the main information surface light source luminous way, to road users all weather, wisdom
The road traffic sign which can transfer information is the future road traffic information
Intelligent carrier。
5.Full penetration sign has long visual distance, soft light, and clear and accurate information transmission.Transfer function, while matching city beautification, lighting.

street road traffic signs
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