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When selecting traffic rods, we can support customizing suitable products and provide the best solution according to the actual needs of customers and relevant specifications.

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  • 1. Durable material: Traffic rods are generally made of high-strength aluminum, galvanized steel or carbon steel, with high corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and can be used for a long time under various harsh weather conditions.

    2. Eye-catching appearance: Traffic poles usually use bright colors and obvious patterns or logos to make them more eye-catching and easy to identify on the road. This helps to remind drivers and pedestrians to obey traffic rules and pay attention to traffic safety.

    3. Diverse sizes: traffic rods are available in different sizes and heights to suit different traffic demands and road specifications. For example, traffic signal light poles at intersections are high, while pedestrian crossing signs have relatively low poles.

    4. Easy installation: Traffic poles usually have a detachable, foldable or telescopic design, which is convenient for installation and use. This allows quick bar height adjustments or maintenance when required.

    5. Reliable and stable: The traffic rods mostly adopt double locking, bolt fixing or concrete foundation structures to ensure the stability and safety of the traffic rods.

    6. The galvanized traffic sign signal lamp pole has the following characteristics: strong corrosion resistance: galvanized treatment can form a uniform and dense zinc covering on the surface of the pole, which can effectively block the erosion of air and moisture, thereby prolonging the length of the pole service life.

    7. Good weather resistance: the galvanized layer has good weather resistance and can resist the erosion of sunlight, rain, snow and other natural environments under different climatic conditions. High strength: Galvanized traffic sign signal light poles are usually made of high-strength steel, which has high tensile strength and bending strength, and can withstand large wind and external pressure.

    8. Good durability: the hardness of the galvanized layer is high, which can improve the wear resistance and hardness of the rod and prolong its service life.

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