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Beautiful and atmospheric: The design of the road gantry pays attention to the beautiful appearance. Most of them are made of aluminum alloy outer packaging or anti-corrosion spray paint, which is harmonious and unified with the surrounding environment. It is not only practical, but also can improve the image of the road.

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  • 1. Strong bearing capacity: The road gantry is made of high-strength steel, which can withstand large vertical loads and lateral wind loads, ensuring the stability and safety of the equipment.

    2. Adjustable height: The height of the gantry can be adjusted according to actual needs to meet different equipment installation requirements on the road.

    3. Strong durability: The road gantry has excellent corrosion resistance, can be used for a long time under harsh environmental conditions, and reduces the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

    4. Good wind resistance: the gantry structure design is reasonable, has good wind resistance performance, can run stably in strong wind weather, and reduces the impact on equipment.

    5. Fast and convenient installation: The road gantry adopts an assembled structure, which can be quickly assembled and disassembled on site, improving construction efficiency and convenience.

    6. A high degree of stability: our products are precisely calculated and rigorously tested to ensure stability in various weather conditions and road environments. Whether it is on the highway in the wind and rain, or in higher elevations or steep terrain, our gantry frames are able to stand safely and firmly.

    7. Corrosion and wear resistance: In order to enhance the durability of the product, we have carried out a special coating treatment for high-speed road gantry, improving the corrosion resistance and wear resistance. This can not only extend the service life of the product, but also reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement, saving you time and cost.

    8. Customized design: Our products can be customized according to the specific needs of customers in order to better adapt to different road or bridge conditions. Whether on flat ground or in valleys or bends, our gantries are flexible to ensure smooth and safe roads.

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