Intelligent Signal Light Wireless Traffic Controller

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Visual Secret service control based on GIS
Based on intelligent control technology, fast secret service with low impact and high efficiency
Fast intelligent form green wave solution
Perfect fault detection, location and control

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1 Traffic Light Controller Details
2 Traffic Light Controller Feature

1. Fixed timing scheme control function
2. Independent induction mode control function
3. (single point intersection) real-time adaptive optimization control function
4. No cable coordination control function
5. (Manual) Manual mandatory intervention control function
6. Pedestrian crossing request function
7. Bus/light rail priority control function
8. Variable lane control function
9. Automatic upgrade and degradation
10. Equipment abnormal working status monitoring and protection functions
11. (LCD display) Intersection equipment working status synchronous display function
12. Support learning type, pulse type and communication type and other countdown timer functions
13. Support touch screen control function
14. Remote communication and wireless remote control function
15. traffic parameter collection and processing function
16. Secret service control function/special control function
17. Equipment lightning protection, overcurrent/leakage/power failure protection function
18. Hardware yellow flashing control
19. Light dimming control

3 Traffic Light Controller Description
4 Traffic Light Controller
5 Traffic Light Controller Display
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