Smart Light Solution

Smart Light Solution 1

• Factual standards in the industry
• It is decoupled from street lamp and has strong universality
• Zero installation cost

Easy to maintain
• Real time condition monitoring
• Real time fault reporting
• Working life statistics
• Visual management based on GIS

Smart Light Solution 2

● Various specifications can be selected, miniaturization design;
● Wired and wireless complement each other, and can be used in a wider
● range, covering all scenes;
● Self developed ZigBee technology can effectively avoid harmonic interference and improve communication success rate;
● Years of project application experience.

Smart Light Solution 3
Smart Light Solution 4

Configuration / package

Simplified edition

Municipal Edition

Park Edition

Traffic Edition

Basic to Configure

LED street lamp

K9-1 smart light pole

Centralized controller

Can Choose Match Set


LED display

City WiFi

Weather sensor

Water level monitoring

One button alarm

Official patrol

Charging pile

Hi-fi stereo