44 Output 48 Route Traffic Warning Signal Light Controller

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Quickly and intelligently form a green wave solution.
Through the green wave time-distance map, one-way and two-way green wave schemes can be automatically formed to realize line coordinated control and reduce the number of stops at intersections.

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  • 1. Xintong traffic signal control system is an intelligent traffic signal control system integrating advanced information technology, communication technology and computer technology. As a core sub-product in the intelligent traffic management product system, it can operate independently and can be incorporated into urban intelligent traffic management system. It can greatly improve the traffic capacity of the road network, improve transportation efficiency, and avoid congestion and blockage.

    2. GIS-based visualized secret service management and control
    The special service route can be plotted on the GIS, and the implementation of the special service plan can be displayed with more intuitive icons, so that the special service control post personnel can understand the traffic situation in real time and respond to adjustments in time.

    3. Based on intelligent control technology, low-impact and high-efficiency fast special service
    It is possible to draw special service routes, monitor intersection operation status and special service control in the control center. By intelligently starting the special service before the VIP convoy reaches the special service intersection, and automatically releasing the control strategy of the special service after the convoy passes the intersection, it can effectively guarantee the rapid passage of VIP vehicles under the premise of less impact on the travel of the public.

    4. Intersection control level, the intersection control is the control of a specific intersection by the signal control machine. Its control information comes from vehicle detectors (including induction coils, wireless geomagnetic, microwave, video detectors and other detection sensors) buried in the intersection lanes and pedestrian buttons. The maximum input of the junction machine can reach 32 detection inputs. Therefore, it is enough to adapt to intersections with many lanes and complex phases. Its function is to continuously collect and process vehicle flow data at intersections, and to control the normal operation of signal lights.

    5. Control traffic lights at intersections, which can realize single-point control functions such as single-point self-adaptation, cable-free wire control, induction control, timing control, yellow flashing, full red, and non-motor vehicle control.

    6. Set up emergency plans for system crashes in advance, and work according to the plans in case of system crashes.

    7. Use communication, pulse or learning methods to control the display of the intersection countdown display.

    8. Receive and process the traffic flow information from the vehicle detector, and send it to the regional control computer regularly;

    9. Receive and process commands from the regional control computer, and feed back equipment working status and fault information to the regional control computer.

    10. Accurate and reliable: The traffic signal adopts advanced electronic technology and light display technology, which can accurately display various traffic signals to ensure smooth and safe traffic. Versatility: The traffic signal machine can be equipped with a variety of signal light combinations according to road traffic needs, such as traffic lights, red and yellow lights, green arrow lights, etc., to meet different traffic flow and signal control requirements.

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