Road Construction AC Warning Traffic Light System Controller

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Based on GIS secret service control function, secret service control function is an important control function in urban traffic signal control, which is mainly used to ensure the travel of VIP vehicles, and can also open up fast lanes for special vehicles (fire, ambulance, etc.).

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  • 1. Red wave control effective diversion, to ensure the effective passage of key sections, the need to enter the section of traffic flow limited diversion, can form a number of continuous intersections upstream of the red wave belt, break up the dense convoy, so as to gradually limit the flow of diversion, to ensure the efficiency of vehicle traffic in key sections.

    2. Perfect fault detection, positioning and control. Support the detection and location of the signal light fault, support the detection and location of the red and green light, red and yellow light, yellow and green light, and controllable degradation yellow flashing; After the signal restarts, and when the special service ends and returns to normal, the original green wave belt coordination plan can be automatically adjusted without interrupting the original section coordination control; Support the use of complex intersections of pedestrian crossing, bus priority control; Support time segment tide lane, variable lane output control; Support GB 2014 communication countdown output and adjustable pulse width and backward second pulse countdown output.

    3. Data integration standardization. The traffic signal control system and the public security traffic integrated command platform follow the GA/T 1049 standard protocol, and the data interaction is standardized.

    4. Multi-time timing control, if the traffic volume of each time period in a day is relatively different, multiple sets of timing schemes can be set. According to the changes of traffic flow in different periods of a day, the corresponding timing scheme is selected to meet the needs of traffic flow changes.

    5. The regional control level is mainly to optimize the traffic signal control at the intersection, and coordinate and control the operation of each intersection machine in the city in the region by connecting the communication equipment at the intersection.

    6. Carry out automatic clock calibration for intersection signals, download and upload signal configuration files of intersection signals, and realize central timetable control.

    7. Real-time optimization of traffic signals at intersections to realize basic control functions such as arterial coordinated control and regional coordinated control.

    8. It has special control functions such as pedestrian crossing management, bus priority (BRT), special service route setting (VIP green channel), emergency vehicle control, traffic accident management, oversaturation control, designated phase, and simulated manual operation.

    9. Monitor and control the working status and fault conditions of the external equipment at the intersection (traffic signal machine, vehicle detector and other equipment).

    10. The traffic signal controller has a fault diagnosis function, and can automatically monitor and record system faults. Records can be found using configuration monitoring software.

    11. Strong durability: The traffic signal is made of corrosion-resistant materials and structural design, which has good wind resistance, earthquake resistance and waterproof performance, and can run stably for a long time in various harsh outdoor environments. Remote monitoring and management: The traffic signal can be remotely monitored and managed with the traffic management center, and the status and operation information of the signal can be obtained in real time to improve the refinement and intelligence of traffic management.

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